Thematic: Education

Beneficiaries: 170 female students hoping to pursue careers in STEM

Timeline: Apr 2022 - Present

Unnati is a STEM education program to supporting girls in 10th to 12th grade studying in the science stream in Delhi govt. schools who wish to pursue their tertiary education and build a career in the fields of science, technology, engineering and/or mathematics.

Participants are supported through need based academic support, additional learning materials, lifeskills trainings, and career guidance sessions. Then, participants in 10-12th grade will be provided with one time scholarship upon the completion of grade 12th to support their tertiary education.

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Noor Ayesha's Story

Noor Ayesha is a 17 year old student from Shaheen Bagh, Delhi. In Secondary School, Noor Ayesha has chosen to pursue the Physics Chemistry Math track, despite the fact that this subject is typically dominated by males.

A few months into her studies, Noor Ayesha began to feel stressed and overwhelmed. She felt that the males in her class received more attention and a better quality of education. Noor Ayesha's family could not afford to pay for a tutor for her and she began to become worried about falling behind.

This was when Noor Ayesha signed up for Unnati. She attended prep sessions which helped her cover the topics she was struggling on, and also attended sessions on stress and time management.

Through Unnati, Noor Ayesha also had the opportunity to further explore her interest in technology, the field she hopes to work in one day. Now, Noor Ayesha feels she is better equipped to continue her studies, and hopes to attend the Indian Institute of Technology one day.

Noor Ayesha