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Digital Mountains

Thematic: Education

Beneficiaries: 80+ students and 7 teachers from rural Uttarakhand

Timeline: January 2020 - December 2021

Project Digital Mountains seeks to enhance the non-traditional education offered at the APV school in Uttarakhand through the installation of digital classrooms and technological capacity building.

The project also aims at the broader community through creating a regional hub of digital penetration. In 2021, the school finished the installation of 7 smart classrooms equipped with projectors, smart boards, laptops and tablets, and teachers were trained in how to maximize the utility of this technology in the classroom.


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Disha's Story

Prior to the pandemic, Disha was a shy but engaged student who impressed teachers with insightful answers. When Disha returned to school after 16 months of pandemic interruption, teachers noted she was even more quiet, and that her reading and English skills had greatly deteriorated.

As part of a digital engagement project which taught children ages 11-14 to conduct research using a search engine, Disha was assigned to do an oral presentation about Picasso. Disha and her classmates were enthusiastic about using search engines, and eagerly jotted down notes. Given her shyness, Disha's teachers were surprised at her poise and confidence when giving her presentation at the morning assembly. Afterwards, Disha even excitedly asked her teachers if she'd be able to repeat her presentation at the next assembly.